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Ruby Slippers

Quite a few of you have emailed me asking me to review some drug store brands. In my experience an expensive nail polish does not necessarily mean quality. I have had more than my fair share of frustrating polishes. I can't wait to show you the one I picked for today's post.

Ruby Slippers

This little gem came home with me not too long ago when I popped into the store just to grab a birthday card. The glitter looked so pretty in the bottle I just could not resist it. The card cost more than the polish just to put things in perspective. I wasted no time once I had the kids in bed to test this baby out. Not sure what I was expecting. I know polish, but I also know that pretty in the bottle does not mean pretty on the nails. Ruby Slippers is a red jelly filled with red and blue glitter. Since it is a jelly, it is a bit sheer so I used three coats with top coat in the picture. The blue glitter transforms to amethyst by the red jelly and the red positively glows! It does dry textured as expected with glitter but one coat of top coat and it was almost as smooth as a creme polish.

Would you like to see a close up?

My camera could barely focus again. It looks really awesome in low light as well! Totally a winner if you are as crazy about gitter as I am! If you don't have this one yet you need to go get it right now before it disappears off the shelves. You do not want to miss this one!

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