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Coal Hands, Warm Heart

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,coal hands warm heart,china glaze,glitter,cheers

This is one of my favorite nail polishes that was released in 2015. Thank you China Glaze! My poor camera though could barely keep up...I swear I heard it groan. Because there is so much going on here it was difficult to photograph. Inky black jelly polish filled with various sizes of holographic glitter that demand attention. It's not easy to work with because of the amount of glitter. It's thick and difficult but totally worth it as the end results are very satisfying.

Think Bellatrix Lestrange. Without top coat it has a gritty texture that put me in mind of her. I don't think she would bother with top coat being a busy witch and all. I might be a bit biased about this nail polish because I happened to be wearing it when my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a Fluevog sample sale. I'm such a huge fan of Fluevog shoes but have never had the opportunity to go to a sample sale. I was so excited that I didn't even mind that we had to stand in line and freeze our hinee's off to get in. We met a bunch of really cool people while we waited for our turn and I was asked numerous times about my polish by men and women alike. It was nice to finally get inside to shoe heaven! We really did have a great time and every time I wear this polish it reminds me of my man and our very special day.

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,coal hands warm heart,china glaze,glitter,cheers

I'm wearing three layers of polish and a generous layer of top coat to smooth things out as it is a bit rough on it's own. Do you see what I mean though that the glitter seems to just float? I think it's soooo wicked! Perfect for date night don't you think? Valentines day is coming up!

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