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Every Queen Needs Her Crown!

Crown of Thistles

Hope you all have a good weekend. Mine was pretty great. Not only did I get to go nail polish shopping but my boyfriend took me! I have been trying to be good and keep it within reason... I really have... but he is such an enabler! I cannot count the number of times he picked up a bottle of nail polish and told me if I did not have it already I should get it. Who am I to disagree? Let's just say that I came home with a nice haul thanks to him.

This nail polish is by A england from the Elizabeth and Mary Collection 3 Free (No Formaldehyde, No DBP, No Toluene) made in the UK. It's such an amazing formula I cannot say enough good things about it. Super smooth so it just glides onto your nails. I could have gotten away with just one coat but old habits die hard and I am wearing two in the picture along with top coat. It's a stunning amethyst holographic polish that is beautiful in every light but when the sunlight catches it it really comes to life. The holo effect is soft and subtle but still eye catching. This is definitely happiness in the bottle.

What do you guys think? Do you love it as much as I do?

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