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My name is Emese and I'm a polishaholic. Is that a legit terminology? I vote yes and since you are reading this you might know what I'm talking about. I LOVE nail polish. I can't get enough. It's like having jewelry on your nails. It's a little bit of happy at your finger tips. Throw in some glitter and I'm sold! Removing glitter polish may be a little bit of a chore but totally worth it.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that my nail polish collection has expanded to the point where I feel the need to do something with it. I might be looking for a valid reason to acquire more... but who can say for certain? One of the lovely ladies I work with suggested that I not buy any more until I have "used up all I have" . Caught myself trying to do the math... how long would that take? It was not looking good for me! I did thank her for her advice, and reminded her of her promise that on her upcoming trip overseas she was going to bring back for me some new and unusual nail polishes. I have come up with a much better option I feel when I decided to create my own little corner on the internet where I can post my pictures and share my passion for nail polish.

I would like to show you Zoya - Blaze first. I have had it for a while now but never seemed to be able to get to it. Zoya is one of my favourite brands so that is part of the reason why I chose to post it first. This one was no exception from my previous experience with this brand. It has everything a girl could want. The formula is very smooth, perfect coverage in two coats. In the photos I am showing it with top coat. It's a cranberry red colour filled with a generous amount of holographic particles. I knew from the first brush stroke that I have a winner. It's the perfect red as far as I am concerned. Until a bit of sunlight hits it....then this polish comes alive! It reminded me of hot embers. I can really understand why they named it Blaze. I was almost expecting my finger tips to burst into fire. I love the way it glows in the sun. Cannot wait to wear this one again in the summer!


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