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Spring Forward!

Essie - Spring 2016

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer, essie, spring 2016

Sunday! I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me in my mailbox on Friday. Essies Spring Happy 2016! I only placed the order for it a few days ago! I love being able to play with a full collection. I could not wait to try them all. I found them a little thicker than I am accustomed to from Essie but had no issue with application on any of them. I have applied top coat for the pictures though I found each dried nice and glossy.

A High Class Affair

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie,spring 2016,a high class affair,neutral

A warm and creamy peach nude. I used three coats in this picture. I love the change of pace on this one. I truly love glitter like it's nobodies business but love how clean and classy a neutral polish can feel.

Poolside Service

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie, spring 2016, poolside service, grey

This one looked the least appealing to me in the bottle... Untill I put it on. Not one bit disappointed. Depending on the light it looks greenish grey. Since it has been pretty overcast all day over here, I had first mistaken it for more green but looking at the picture I think grey is a better description. In the picture I'm wearing two coats. No issues with application.

Off Tropic

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie,spring 2016, off tropic, green

Lovely dark green that is almost vampy. I think it looks a little darker in person than in the picture but not so dark where it gets mistaken for black. Definitely planning on wearing this one again in the very near furture. Think it would be an excellent candidate for my next pedi! Reminds me very much of Essence - The Green and The Grunge except this seems a bit darker.

Lounge Lover

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie, spring 2016, lounge lover, pink

Candy pink. It used to be the one color I used to shy away from but ever since I had a daughter who loves all things pink I must admit I have warmed up to it. This one is really nice. In low light it is almost neon. I found myself wishing I chose this one to swatch last because I did not want to take it off. Wearing two coats with top coat and debating which glitter to add...

Sunshine State Of Mind

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie, spring 2016, sunshine state of mind, orange

This one is also a polish that in low light looks almost neon. I'm certainly loving it. It's an orange that has a fair bit of melon in it. So far from what I have seen coming out for spring this one is one of my favourites. Three thin coats covered nicely.

Shade On

nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie, spring 2016, shade on, purple

Loveliest shade of purple for the spring. I know it's only January but a girl can dream! It's a little darker on the nails than it looks in the bottle. Makes me think of the wrapper on a Milka chocolate bar. My great aunt used to send me those when I was a little girl and OMG I need chocolate right now! Two coats with top coat.

I'm pleasantly surprised by these colors. I usually lean towards more flashy polishes and while these are all beautiful I don't think any of them are really flashy. My favourites are Lounge Lover and Sunshine State of Mind. Both are so warm and remind me of summer. I found the polishes a little on the thick side which I am not accustomed to from Essie but still easy to work with. Loved that they dry glossy and fairly quicky. Any thoughts on this set? Which ones are you planning on picking up?

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